therapy and drainage, fasting


Our body is being increasingly subject to all kinds of pollution, both internal and external. It gets clogged and is not functioning well. 
Targeted drainage as well as detox treatments allow the body to clean itself and regain its full functionality. These treatments may be followed when seasons change or as and when the need arises. They facilitate cleaning for a newfound vitality, as well as a feeling of lightness, an improved digestive comfort, more beautiful skin etc. Please contact me if you wish to create a detox program that suits you, for one or several days or for several weeks.

Should you wish to go further and should fasting sound tempting to you, I will be there for you every step of the way in this ancestral practice whose benefits are tremendous. Its applications and practice vary significantly. Based on my experience, I will help you find the type of fasting that suits you best, for your greater benefit.



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